More than 40 people, including engineers, designers and highly-skilled technicians, with a global vision of the project and in complete synergy with all sectors - Sales, Research-Development and Production – make the Technical department the heart of MBF.

Each machine is entrusted to a Project Leader, who technically monitors the design phases, coordinating the project Team.
The projects are made with the latest generation of CAD programs, taking into account the real needs of customers such as the shape of the bottles, size, caps, and more. With the help of advanced software, finite element calculations are carried out, and fluid dynamics simulated that allow for optimization of the machine from the earliest stages of the project.
During the manufacturing, assembly and testing stages of a machine, the Technical department provides additional support for any additions or changes, both mechanical and programming.
The manuals supplied with every product, be it single machine or line, complete the activities of the Technical department.

"Research, development, customization, technological progress and service - they are the foundations of competitiveness. To MBF, this is the unmistakable essence of all our projects."



Ufficio Tecnico


Ufficio Tecnico


Ufficio Tecnico