A complete range of capping machines and/or turrets

CAPMATIC V – ROPP screw caps

CAPMATIC M - plastic prethreaded caps

CAPMATIC M/V - screw caps with internal prethreading (lux/wak)

CAPMATIC P - pressure caps

  • The machines are available as standalone units or as turrets in the cylinder block.
  • Turrets have waterproof construction without the need for maintenance. Any parts in contact with liquids are made of stainless steel.
  • Head connection sleeves made of steel with anti-wear surface treatment.
  • Steel head control cam.
  • Electrical height adjustment of the turret.


Special characteristics

The wide selection of cap orientation and distribution systems, as well as capping heads and bottle handling and management systems, guarantee maximum versatility and functionality for each type of cap, bottle and production speed.



CAPMATIC V – screw caps

F100/4 capping head for ROPP screw caps, with 4 rollers and mobile or fixed capping press with NO CAP - NO ROLL safety system.

CAPMATIC M - plastic prethreaded caps

M90 screwing head for plastic prethreaded screw caps. Torsion obtained with a magnetic coupling of adjustable torque.

M90 magnetic screwing head with elastic or openable grip. For plastic prethreaded caps distributed with Pick&Place system.

CAPMATIC M/V - screw caps with internal prethreading

Magnetic screwing head for prethreaded screw caps with rollers for final tucking.

CAPMATIC P - pressure caps

Pressure head for plastic mushroom corks or T-shaped corks with natural/synthetic stem.

  • Pressure head
  • Pressure head with elastic grip
  • Pressure head with openable grip


Possibility of handling different caps with the same unit

Quick release heads without the need for tools

Device for the inertization of the head space

Caps descent chutes with automatic adjustment

Electronic heads for cap positioning control


Short Cap Sg

Mechanical centrifugal distributor with disc for caps that are wider than they are high.

Long Cap Ss

Mechanical rotating distributor with disc and compartments for caps that are higher than they are wide.


Pneumatic feeder - AP

  • Pneumatic feeder made of stainless steel for the automatic feeding of caps.
  • Hoppers of various sizes.
  • Includes blower and control board.
  • Includes tubes and final basket for collecting the caps.

Elevator - E/EV

  • Elevator made of stainless steel for the automatic supply of caps.
  • Hopper available in various sizes with hinged Lexan cover.
  • Includes control board and level sensor for automatic operation.

A complete range of capping machines and/or turrets for crown caps.

The main characteristics of the Capmatic C are the same as those of the Capmatic V-M-P (see the relevant section) but with the addition of various special characteristics.

Special characteristics

  • Station for the application of Bidul caps in the entry star.
  • Special solution for high-production speeds.

Magnetic elevator

  • Magnetic elevator belt for the automatic supply of metal crown caps.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Magnetic track under the conveyor belt.
  • Hoppers of various sizes.
  • Hinged Lexan cover on the hopper.



Product images

Sistema Pick&Place.jpg

Pick&Place system

Chiusure a vite.jpg

Screw caps

Chiusure di plastica prefilettate 1.jpg

Plastic prethreaded caps

Chiusure a vite con prefilettatura interna.jpg

Screw caps with internal prethreading

Chiusure a pressione 1.jpg

Pressure caps

Dettaglio torretta.jpg

Turret detail

Distributore Short Cap.jpg

Short Cap Distributor

Distributore Long Cap.jpg

Long Cap Distributor

Dettaglio torretta Corona.jpg

Crown caps turret detail