Depending on the customer needs, the frame can be built with different configurations:

  • "Standard" with flat work-surface, covered in steel.
  • “V-frame” one-piece frame with inclined surface, made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • "Modular GM" base, made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304. Built with standard modules and inclined surface for better accessibility and fluid drainage.


Machine ceiling

The cabin for total coverage of the machine ceiling, consists in an elevation of the structure of the perimetrical accident prevention guards.
The frame is made of stainless steel with polycarbonate windows.
It comes complete with vacuum system for vapors produced during sanitizing and an interior lighting system.

Laminar flow of sterile air

The laminar flow of sterile air is provided in the transit zones of empty bottles and/or bottles yet to be capped.
The filtration system is composed of laminar flow hoods. The hoods consist of a stainless steel container AISI 304 and include: fans with pre-filter and absolute filter.


The equipment for moving the bottles can be:

  • Dedicated for each bottle with attachment Easy Fitting with centering and quick coupling and classification by color.
  • Adjustable with Easy Fitting attachment.
  • Universal stars and pads (Patented) which allow:
      -  drastic reduction of format change time
      -  elimination of positioning errors and accessories adjustment
      -  machining accuracy even with bottles that are close to the dimensional tolerances limits
      -  elimination of inventory and accessories management
      -  Possibility of introducing new formats on the line without wait time.
    The bottle size changeover occurs simply through the selection of the new bottle, directly on the control panel. There is no need for operator intervention or equipment changes.
  • Universal screw conveyor, with manual or automatic positioning to accomodate a wide range of bottles.
  • Finger transfer system for product change, (i.e. different shaped bottles), without replacing equipment.


Automatic Changeover

Ability to recall pre-set and programmable recipes from the control panel.

Centralized lubrication: manual or automatic

Centralized lubrication of mechanical components in the lower part of the frame not in contact with the product.
All turrets above the base use self-lubricating components.

Product images

Basamento V-frame.jpg

V-Frame Base

Copertura cielo macchina e flusso laminare.jpg

Machine ceiling and laminar flow

Stelle easy fitting.jpg

Easy fitting

Rebbi 2.jpg

Finger transfer system

Cambio formato e lubrificazione.jpg

Automatic changeover and centralized lubrication

Stelle e tamponi universali.jpg

Universal stars and pads